Quickly Fix Your Medical Scrubs

The majority of the nurses' time was spent circulating around the ward or taking brief notes on their patients' conditions. They frequently run about with stretchers in order to convey a patient who need rapid treatment. They would bruise and brush with the metal stretcher or against the wall just to stride down for their next patient. Thus the nurses' jobs are very much action-packed that almost every time they face some clothing tearing or anything like that. These nurse actions cause at some point their most precious medical scrubs. So there are also small things that nurses should bring with them in their pouches other than hand sanitary lotions, alcohol, pens, sticky notes. Because of accidental tearing of the nurses scrubs they needed to have

Here are some of the quick fix tools you may want to add up to your pouch in case of accidental tearing off. It will probably pay you a great relief when you can have these.

Before we knew a toupee tape used primarily to fix headdresses normally used by old men to cover their baldness. This may sound absurd but yes, toupee tapes can also be used to join a fabric just as it can help temporarily paste strands of hair. Toupee tape was named after the hairdresser more commonly used by men called the toupee. A toupee is used to cover some portion of the head with the scalp already exposed and in order to fasten the toupee a tape is used. Toupee tape usually comes in different sizes, pre-cuts, or colors. Both sides of the tape have adhesives thus allowing it to join one side of a fabric to the other side. With this simple tool, you can now tuck your loose medical scrubs top to the strap of your bra so as to avoid any skin exposure or you can easily join the torn sleeve with no sweat.

Sewing Kit and med couture scrubs

This is so elementary. But the question is could that be practical? Absolutely, yes! There are small sewing kits available in your nearest store that can easily slide into your pouch. And who cares about its size, you can always put them in your locker or suffer the feeling of having a torn pant and you are just starting your shift. If you have with you a sewing kit then you can temporarily fix your pants but be sure to get yourself online at home to buy a new pair of medical scrubs. Sewing kits come in different colors and designs. It basically consists of needles, threads of different colors, a pin cushion, a tape measure, and a small pair of scissors.

Wipes for Stains

Stains are the primary enemies of the nurses' scrubs. In fact, the place where nurses' works contributes to the possibility of a nurse scrubs staining. So what could be the possible solution to this? There are so many in fact. One you can have an extra scrub available in your locker and you can just simply change. Second, you can bring with you wet wipes that are anti-bacterial and effective in temporarily wiping off stains. They are not just the facial wipes you can buy at convenience stores. Fabric wipes can clean up the mess without putting up much of a problem like colorization and all.

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